Friday, February 22, 2008

My Latest Look On Life

Well it is the day before my 46th birthday and I have woken up with much going through my mind. Do I feel like celebrating not. All I can seem to think about is how tired I am, how I long to have happiness and when will it ever come. I long for the day that life can be simple and not have to think about this, that and everyother thing. That I can get up and just think of what I want to do and do it for me. The day that I can get up look out a window and not have a worry in the world. Will that day ever come not in this life time. Why? Because the world that we know is wrap around who we are, how much we have, and who we know. It basic bottom line is money, the more you have the more you want, the more you have the more people like you and it just draws peoples attention to who you are!! It not only proves itself bibically but also just in what make the world go round. We have also created a generation of people who is now known as the ME generation, those who think of themselves and no longer anyone else. After they have moved on to what they will do with their lives they forget about those who helped them to achieve those goals and who gave them the boost they needed to keep going be it family, friends or others. They move on they keep going and forget about all else. What happen to the simple days when people just lived for the day and were happy with what they had, and were willing to share. What happen to the day when life was not complicated. You know its not just me that is not really happy anymore, look at even those who you would think should be happy and doing well with their lives but get all caught up with the drug scene or the as some would simply put it sex drugs and rock and roll. Heath Ledger, (accidental death, really????) then what about the newest headlines almost everyday of Britney Spears, even the wonderful Oprah. Are they really happy, even the Royals don't have it together anymore. Look at what they did to Diana, and I'm not referring to her accident. Life was once simple, life was once kind, life once offered respect for the elderly, for those in authority, for upholding the laws of the land. What is going on with all these kids who are going in and hurting innocent people, what is happening to them and where are the minds of these people who want to look at young children as sex symbols, and abuse them. I am not denoting on sex as it may be more predominate with one one day we will soon find out I'm sure as all things comes out of a closet it is all who have been hurt at some level, not given the nuturing they needed and could not get passed it. How bizarre, how sad, what other words can one use to describe the world that we live in. It all has to be about how we look, how much money we have, and how successful we are to determine our worth to one another. How sad, so where is the world of happiness, where is the simple life, will any of us ever have any answers to some of these questions??? some would say yes life is what you make it, your just depressed no I don't think so , look at the world oh yes we are so much more fortunate than those who wake up to the sounds of guns, or wake up in the night to a strangers killing our families, or those who are dying daily with disease, and hunger. Do we have a right to complain of course not we have not have hardship. Yet we still seem to strive and search for it am I any different no but it sure is a picture or pieces of my puzzle I would like filled someday. Well off and running to fill others needs. Gail

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

All the Best to all in 2008

Life has been very overwhelmingly busy with 3 6 year olds and one 5 year old. I am so busy with the little ones and when the little ones are not keeping me on my toes so are the older one the 20 year old and 21 year old. School began this week and ther fore I have been busy hustling and bustling to get the house in order and back to normal. So hello to all once again .

Monday, March 12, 2007


I HAVE A PRINCESS THAT I GET TO DRESS UP AND SPOIL ROTTEN !!!! YES!!! The Little Princess came with a little brother who is 4 and she is 5, there is also the possibility of having another sib come once he/she is born next month. It will be great!!! So am I busy yeah just a little with 3 five year olds and 1 four year old. It is good I am happy!!! Life is very busy today I am also baby sitting and I have 4 five year olds, a 4 year old and a 2 year old. Oh how life is so wonderful. Hey and I am even on the computer whats up with that??? Well the others are all outside having recess. They will come in and they will be hungry and ready to do some activities in the afternoon. As for the rest of my life well my young adult are also managing to let me know they are still here and this is a good thing at times but when they are acting like two year olds its a little difficult. Anyways just wanted to quickly give you all a update as to what is going on in this part of the world. You know kids are great!!! I just don't understand how people could ever hurt them. I know it happens but they are so innocent and little sponges and just want to live and learn as we do even as adults. I know why Jesus loved all the little children, not only because of there innocence but also because of all the other things about them like eagerness to learn, and if they haven't been damaged too much and have enough security they thrive on simple things of life, simple answers to there questions, and in all there curiousity they just want to learn more and more. Even the little damaged ones just want to hear praise, how smart they are, how good they are and before you know it they are almost as normal as normal can be with children who have been damaged by alcohol, drugs or even just the simple basic things that our kids get without question as its what they are suppose to have. Then of course its not just the alcohol, or drugs but also the simple basic necessities of life food, nuturing, and a safe place to life. How difficult can that be. Well I can save the world but I can make an impact on the little ones that I get to have the opportunity to look after. This of course brings much excitement to my heart and I must go now as speaking of nurturing and meeting there basic needs they are HUNGRY!!!! OF COURSE WHEN THEY ARE GROWING WHEN AREN'T THEY??? Okay so now you have my world as of late in a nutshell. My girlfriend by the way simply thinks I"m crazy. She says that when I'm a old wrinklely and she is an old lady I will still have kids in my life. I said yeah right!!! My grandchildren!!! okay they are trickling in so I have to feed them!!!!Later folks.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm 45 and Happy!!!!

Well a couple of days ago I became another year older and a birthday celebration I will never forget. I had a girlfriend who came to Winnipeg and planned a surprise for me. After we went for dinner she told me that we had to be back at the hotel for 8:00 p.m. I kept trying to guess what it was/or could be???? She would not give in, I did guess it but she led me down another path that I kind of got overly concerned with as she made a remark maybe its a stripper. I then thought O My Gosh what am I going to do if that is what it is??? A thinking to myself, nah she would not do that as it is not something she would do but then I though you never know. I just kind of kept panicing as it is something I could not have handled for many many reasons. Ok I am old fashion and really have no need to look elsewhere if the truth be known along with what My God says. It just would not have sit well with me all the way around. Okay enough of that so are you all ready to know what my surprise is??? Well....... it was .... ........ a friend I had not seen for 20 years who also in turn planned for another friend who we all hung out with as well to join us as well. I had not seen here in at least 22/25 years. So needless to say YES IT WAS A BIRTHDAY I WILL NEVER FORGET!!!!!! How we talked, looked at pictures, laughed, had a few toast, and ordered pizza at 2:00 in the a.m. How great is that!!! A birthday that will never be forgotten. Life really cannot be any better than that, it was very nice to have seen each other talk about al the things we did together and what we are doing now. Now that the figure 45 has set in I have to say I think I am looking forward to getting older. I don't know why I actually thought I remember when I was 16 I could not wait to be 20 then I was 20 and couldn't wait to be 30. Now I am 45 and cannot wait to be 50. How strange is that???? Its good, I'm looking forward to the next five years. It is a age when you have lived, made mistakes with lessons learned. Realizing the lessons learned we good experiences to have lived a fulfilled life. I feel like I am entering into a new category, a new season of what ever may come my way. Life is so much fun, exciting and filled with some punches that throws us for a loop but we get back up and fight for is all of it the circle of life keeps going on and on. I am on my way to the school now so until later I will keep you all posted from time to time about the exciting life of a 45 year old. So to all who have peeked in remember our bones may sometimes say were old but its what we do with those thoughts; do we accept them or move on and just keep going allowing mind over matter, how OUR GOD SAYS HE IS OUR HEALER , and totally believe WE CAN DO IT IF WE PUT OUR MIND TO IT. So my friends have a great and wonderful day, we have it in us to make it a wonderful day according to "THE SECRET" So before I begin on another tangent which I am sure I will discuss later. Later ALL!!! GAIL

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Time for a Update!!!

Well life has certainly taken some different turns of events but I think it is all good. I think My Great and Mighty God is in control. I have been volunteering 2 and a half days a week at the school which keeps me very busy. I am still taking my French and I have also decided to challenge a course at Red River College so that I can go back to work and not have to stay home. I do so look forward to this and hope that I just keep walking in the steps and into the doors that He opens up for me. If they close I just look for the door He want to open up for me. Life with the boys is good, they are little sponges and are learning so much so fast. They so smart, I cannot believe it. As for the rest of my family well my greatest worries if you want to call it that is my husband has chosen a carreer change as well and we are back to wages of 20 years ago and he still expects us to keep up to all things as we have done over the past two years without having to change the way we budget. HHmmmmm...... another challege for me and kind of a worry too. Then there is my 19 year old son who is still trying to decide what to do with his life while he causes me a little bit of grief here and there. I think the grey hair will begin to come now but I hope not. I have had many thoughts of all my friends yet no time to pursue time to contact them as I have been busy with all family stuff and of course there is all of my wifely, mother, duties....... you know clean the house, do the laundry etc. etc. Although we Manitobans are in a bit of a deep freeze my mind is thinking of when it begins to warm up a bit I can plant all of my plants for my garden and get ready for the spring. Ohh how exciting it will be to get outside again and work in my yard. I also plan on going for walks every day after the kids get on the bus. My life always seems to be busy and I keep thinking of the new years thing to learn to only buy what I need and I have been watching some t.v. (Oprah for One) and it seems like that is the way all of the world is needing to start going. We are all living in a world where we think the more we have the better off we are yet it is not true, it only means the more we have the more there is to clean, collect dust, sit in a spot to only come to a place someday that we decide that we really don't need it. How silly is that???? Like really how many cars do we really need???How many sets of sheets do we really need??? Do we really need to have collections???Will we really pursue the idea that someday they will be worth money??? No cause were all to busy and we get to a place where we decide to either just give it away or pass it on to the next generation to collect and save and collect more dust. Less, Less, Less this will also give us the opportunity to offer more to the less fortunate be it here in our own country or overseas where children are being sold as slaves in one way or another. The very sad world that we live in taking advantage of the young and more vulnerable. Oh how sad but the only challege I can meet is the challenge I lay before myself and try to obtain to I can help even one. I cannot go out and change the world as I am only one person, but one person at a time one day at a time and in my world be kind, offer what I can to those who have so much less than I do. Be grateful and thankful for all that I do have and really pray for others to see and want to reach out to those around them in their communities or worlds or where they think they need to go to do good. Doing good does something within the soul, does something deep within that gives us fulfillment, a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that it really is not all about us but about serving one another and others. I believe this is what will change the so called "ME" generation, but they have to see it acted out as they are also very visual as well. Seeing the good acts will only lead them to asking questions and wanting to move in the same mode. Not all but those who are not happy with achieving for self and getting for self and living for self. What a preach that is anyway that is where I am, that is where my prayer life is . So in learning to serve my family more and with joy rather than frustration will lead to a place where I can serve others more and more. It first has to begin in my world and then I will have the ability to reach out to others and more and more. I at least believe that is the simplicity of it all home first then others. So to all of you who have been wondering what I have been up to that is about it all in a nutshell.
I did have a rather difficult time from about the 24th of January till about the 5th of February well I will probably even have a rough day tomorrow as well being the 10th of February as it will be 4 years tomorrow that we paid our last respects to my dad!!! My wonderful dad!!!! Funny you know as much as people say with time it gets easier etc. etc. In some ways it does but yet in many other ways it only leads me to thinking of him more and more. We face and get by all the occasions without but our thoughts are still there and yes we think of the good times more but in many ways although we may not shed the tears we once did we still grieve and are sad knowing they are no longer with us. At least this has been my experience with my dad and my grandmother. I found myself this year totally kind of reliving all of his last days which was very different, I did not share it with anyone other than my journal but yet my thoughts were that of my dad. I struggled with many sad moments but made it through. So now that I have been completely honest and fill you in on all of it I am going to play a few games and then I will be off to bed.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


2006, almost out the door and 2007 coming in what will be held for all of us???? My hope if of course all the good stuff. PROSPERITY (which most of us or those I at least know have),HEALTH, AND MANY HAPPY MOMENTS TO ADD TO OUR MEMORIES FOR THE YEARS WE SIT AND REMEMINANCE our lives. I laid in bed today prior to getting up thinking I am now getting to a age where I will not have long before I am 50 and I still am thinking what will I do when I grow up!!! I just don't feel old, I feel fortunate to have the life I have as difficult some days may be how fortunate I am to live in the country upon which I live. How long will it be that I live in this safe place?? How long, before we ever have to live in fear of those we only ever really see or hear about on the television?? We see the famine, we see the innocent killed, yeah there is the daily stuff of bad things that happen in life, but what about those who live in country where young boys are raised to kill, or give up there lives for their families. Thats the yucky stuff, oh how fortunate we are, and to see this and not be affected by it hmmm.... We have to be somehow affected, no i can't change it but I can pray and oh how I CERTAINLY THANK GOD FOR GIVING ME FORTUNATE LIFE I HAVE. FOR LIVING IN A COUNTRY WHERE FOOD IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE, WHERE I CAN GET UP AND THINK OF WHAT WILL I DO TODAY AND BE ABLE TO JUST DO IT!!! No I can't fly away with my own private jet, or phone my driver, or have the maids do it all but I can live and breathe and go wherever I want in my world freely. Not having baracades of armies, or stand in line for food or none of that stuff. We do live in a world of wealth and a world of luxury, a world of excess!!! How can I ever say I am not happy??? When there are so many who dream to have the life I have!!! So what do I think that I will do with my 2007, I think I will live daily being ever so thankful for life, being positive and trying not keep wanting more and more but my challenge this year will be to try to live with less. Not that I have to but one that I think I need to challenge myself to do as I have so much!!! So I am going to explore the thoughts of and see the things I might be able to act on getting on with less. Do I really need more blankets, or should I buy one and bring it to the person living on the streets??? That kind of stuff. Am I silly???? I don't know...... but I do know that the sadness I feel is not just because my grandma passed; or because my children have gone to school. There is more to my sadness than just the personal stuff I am feeling its about what is going on in the world in the spriritual realm,how much of society just does not care anymore. No moral values, almost like the days of Sodom and Gamorah. Oh how sad!!! I can only do what I feel is right will it ever have a profound effect no not really but it I can try to affect my world and those around me. Life is good, oh yes!!!! Life is full, oh yes!!! Is life fulfilled maybe not but life is only what I make it and I can only be as happy as I allow myself to be. Who is in control???? Me, what I do with it is up to me!!! So I challenge myself to look only to the positive and only to the good stuff to the stuff that makes others happy and me happy too. Hmm.. Does this type of resolution beat the old "I'm going on a diet and only meet the needs of my own selfish personal gains?" I don't know but its different and I don't always like to do what every one else does, quit smoking, go on a diet, blah! blah! blah! So off we go to an evening of fun, toboganning then watching the fireworks at midnight with my family and home to bed to begin the day with cooking for guests tomorrow. So to all those I love HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! WITH A GREAT BIG TOAST TO NEW BEGINNINGS TO ALL OF YOU FOR 2007!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Decorations Are Out!

I have now completed my decorating of the house for the next wondrous season, upon which we celebrate the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! I only have the basement to do, which by the end of the day will be complete. How great is that, next is the annual letter to be typed up and then the cards to be sent out and of course then the baking. In the midst of all this I must prepare for the celebration of my babies who will be 5 years old on the 8th of December. Isn't that awesome they are going to be big boys now and I have to try to stop calling them my babies, but as the book by Munch says as it ends "AS LONG AS IM LIVING MY BABY YOU'LL BE". So I guess I don't have to feel to guilty. Well not much more than that, but I thought I would do some blogging. I really am having a difficult time with having no children in my midst for the first time in 19 years and I really am fighting a form of depression. Almost like a day time emptyness thing. But what can I do, keep sleeping till I tire of sleeping in the day. Of course I do manage to do the things as I've done above as well. Well its hump day hope you all have a great day!